There was a commercial for the Amarillo Sox that made a lot of people mad. Do you remember it? Did you ever see it? Here is the story so that it all makes sense.

There was a flyer that a lot of businesses got. It was talking about when the new ballpark was supposed to be here. The first word was it was going to be open in the spring of 2014. If you remember the Amarillo Sod Poodles did not play their first game until the spring of 2019.

So there was a four-year delay. I was working for the Amarillo Sox at Potter County Memorial Stadium at the time. They decided to have a little fun with the fact that the ballpark did not open as planned in 2014. Heck, they hadn't even started construction yet.

So this commercial was born. It was on the Amarillo Sox website for a short time. Why a short time you wonder? I bet you can guess. Someone didn't like it. Someone didn't like the fact it was making fun of the new ballpark not being here yet.

Someone contacted the owners of the Amarillo Sox and made them take the commercial down. Coincidence or not that was also Mark Lee's last year as the General Manager for the Amarillo Sox.

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He was fired after that season. Many believe that this commercial had something to do with it.

There were a couple more seasons at Potter County Stadium after that with different versions of the same team. The last game was in 2016 before Hodgetown was built and opened in 2019. Amarillo went without baseball for a couple of seasons.

Now Hodgetown is here. Hodgetown is where Amarillo goes to watch baseball now. Before that, it was Potter County Memorial Stadium or The Dilla Villa. That stadium was torn down a few weeks ago. I know there was a tear in my eye when it happened. A lot of great memories at that ballpark.

One of them was that commercial that was and then wasn't. I loved it. Most Amarillo Sox fans would agree.

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