Volcano Korean BBQ has been one of those places we have been waiting on here in Amarillo. Why? Because we don't have anything like it. It's not another Mexican food restaurant, another place for a burger, or a regular BBQ place. It is a new concept.

We love a new concept. I have been excited to see what it would be like. I mean it's all-you-can-eat. So if you have an appetite you will leave full. Plus you get to grill your own food right at your table. Some people don't like that fact but come on it's a fun experience.

The first time I got to do something like that was at The Melting Pot when I was in Phoenix. So I knew I would enjoy that. I have been following the reviews that I have seen online so I already knew it was going to be pricy. So was it going to be worth it? With my appetite probably.

I also knew going into it that you will be charged for any of the meats that you don't eat. Well to be honest if you order way too much and just waste it I get it. The truth is you get charged an extra $5 if you order meat and you don't cook it. So eat what you order. There are no take-out boxes to bring home leftovers.

You also have two hours to enjoy your experience which should be plenty of time.

How Was My Experience at Volcano?

Go in hungry. Don't fill up on the extra stuff. I got an appetizer. Each one at the table did. I got a few of the vegetables but I was in for the protein. I was going to eat all I good. This is where I get my money's worth for sure.

My daughter ordered shrimp. Just for the heads up it doesn't come peeled and still has the head on. Which was probably not the most appetizing thing to deal with. Plus you had to work to get your shrimp ready to eat. They also don't give you steak knives but you have these meat shears to slice your steak while you are cooking.

I would say I wished the steak was already cut or a knife was given but it wasn't the end of the world. My daughter and her friend made fun of me because I kept eating when they had given up. I was getting my twenty dollars worth.

Lunchtime will cost you $19.99 a person and dinner is $29.99, kids under forty inches are free. We opted against bringing my granddaughter because there is a stovetop there and I didn't want baby hands to reach. Plus we wanted to enjoy the experience so we could cook our food and enjoy it.

My daughter was not a huge fan of cooking it herself but then she is not a big fan of cooking at home either. Overall we liked our food and I feel like we got a good amount for the money. The server was very attentive and kept coming back to check if we needed more of any of the foods. He kept changing out the grill top too.

I think each person should have had their own tongs and kitchen shears. It was kind of a pain reaching for everything. I am sure if we had asked they would have brought another set. I think each adult should just start with them. It would have been easier.

At our table, we stuck to mostly eating beef. I didn't want to stress about whether we cooked the chicken enough to not make us sick. We got the premium steak, I will admit it I probably ended up eating four servings of them in my time there. We tried the Hawaiian Steak and the Spicy Beef Bulgogi.

My daughter tried the shrimp and as I said earlier unpeeled and with a head wasn't her favorite. She did forge through and cook and eat it. I helped her peel it. Her friend got Premium Steak too. We all had fried rice and a lot of appetizers.

I did like my experience. We all enjoyed the food. I think I was the only one who took advantage of the all-you-can-eat aspect. Heck, though, that is what I do.

Korean BBQ at Volacano

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