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The Historic 6th on Route 66 Association and the San Jacinto Neighborhood Association are wanting to get Route 66 painted on their water tower. There is a catch, though.

In order to get it done, they're going to need to raise $18,000.

The good news is that there is a lot of time for them to reach their goal. They have from now until September 30 to get it done.

The water tower sits on Route 66, and would make for a pretty cool marker along the historic route.

You can follow this link to the association's website to get more information on the water tower project.

The Historic 6th on Route 66 Association does a lot to promote the mother road in Amarillo.

I grew up on 66. There's still something special about it after all these years.

Route 66 still inspires thoughts of the open road and adventure. People from all over the world still come to voyage along 66. Growing up, I was always amazed at how far some people had traveled just to make a pit stop in my hometown.

Hopefully they can get the money raised and get the water tower painted. I think it would make for an awesome marker along the route for people traveling through.

A sign is one thing, but a water tower would be great. A lot of tourists would be stopping to take photos with the water tower in the background.

If you decide you want to chip in and donate to the cause, they do mention that there is a certificate of participation given to people who donate $66 or more.

Of course they would set it at $66.

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