Everybody loves a good party. We really do. We just hope that when we find out about a party and we plan to attend the organizers actually know about it too. That is what we found out recently with a Christmas party at The Nat.

Oh, the scammers are out in full force this holiday season. They recently took to a Facebook group to let everyone know about a Christmas Bazaar happening this year at The Nat. The problem is the folks at The Nat saw this advertising too.

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Oh, and they had no idea about this event. It's kind of hard to have an event if the facility has no idea about it. This is a scam and the Amarillo Police want you to be aware. It looks like they are going after vendors who might have something to sell.

This fake event seems to be free but having vendor space is not. That is who they are targeting. They are going after those who are trying to provide for their families this holiday season.

credit: Amarillo Police
credit: Amarillo Police

Scammers are the worst. So don't fall for this. The Amarillo Police even put out a warning recently:

The scammers just keep getting bolder and bolder. Today, the Amarillo Police Department received a call from The Nat on 6th, about a scam on social media involving them. Someone had posted on a group page about a party being held at the Nat for Christmas. The poster looks legitimate and provided a phone number, email and QR code to scan. A potential victim had some questions, so they called the actual Nat and that is how the scam was discovered. We have included the poster for the scam event. Please don't pay them any money, and if you already have, please make a police report.  www.amarillopolice.org.
This is another reason why we all have to be so careful and double and triple check before paying for something, if you're not sure.
If you have any questions, contact the Amarillo Police PIO/Crime Prevention office at 806-378-4257 or apdcrimeprev@amarillo.gov.

So hopefully this is not something you already fell victim to. If so contact the police. Scammers will use anything as an excuse to steal your hard-earned money. They will even get you at Christmas.

I hope Santa puts these scammers on his naughty list.

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