A woman on Reddit has grown frustrated with a neighbor who has been taking advantage of her generosity by using her Wi-Fi for free for months.

It all started a few months ago when her neighbor, Anna, asked to use her Wi-Fi temporarily while she waited for an "engineer" to install hers.

Noting that Anna is a single mom of two young children, the woman agreed and gave her the password for the Wi-Fi.

Two weeks later, Anna's son knocked on the woman's door and asked for the password again. A little annoyed, she reluctantly gave it to him as she didn't want to turn the child away.

After a few more months, the woman began to notice she was experiencing a lag while using her internet.

"Nothing major, just buffering and stop and starts on Zoom calls. But I work from home sometimes so I need fast Wi-Fi. I texted Anna asking if she has got an engineer in (I know she hasn’t as I can see she is connected, but as a gentle nudge). There are now seven additional devices on our Wi-Fi at this point," she wrote via Reddit.

Anna claimed that she was "still having issues" getting an engineer to come over and install their own internet.

"Fast forward to now, it’s been nearly three months and no sign of an engineer, all her devices are currently using our Wi-Fi, and we are still having issues with speed. We could upgrade it to be faster, but it’s about $20 more a month. My roommate says just to cut her off and not say anything, but I feel bad doing that to a single mom," the woman explained, noting that Anna hasn't attempted to make any type of "contact" or "friendship" with her other than asking for the Wi-Fi password.

"We have been friendly, given her a gift for Xmas and offered to babysit should she need (5+yrs experience doing this)," she added.

In the comments section, Reddit users told the woman to cut her neighbor off ASAP.

"SEVEN devices, come on... She's a leech. Cut her off, explain yourself later if asked but that's it. Good luck with your shiny new boundaries," one person wrote.

"I think you should just be honest though. Just explain that you need fast internet to [work-from-home] and that it is affecting your roommates as well," another commented.

"She’s milking you, charge her a fee or cut her off," someone else shared.

After a slew of comments, the woman shared an update on Reddit to let everyone know she solved the situation.

"We changed the Wi-Fi name and login ... new password is moochingmama1234 (cos I'm a petty queen). No word as of yet... I think she may have got the message, like what is there to say, really?" she wrote.

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