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So how cold is it in Amarillo?

It's so cold that once again the Mayor is calling on all of us to "come together." She hasn't said anything about being "all in" yet, but this is sounding familiar. The only difference is that instead of staying home because of a highly infectious disease, she's asking us to sparingly use electricity while we are more than likely...stuck at home.

It's so cold that we're using the term "essential" again. The City of Amarillo put out an update stating that non-essential services will be closed or changed temporarily. Just when I started thinking that all services were created equal.

By the way, that includes the walk-in vaccination clinic and drive-thru testing site. Libraries are closed too.

It's so cold that Xcel is turning off the lights. I can tell who is without power just by looking at who is calling me at any given moment. The only thing to do on a day like today is call your buddies when the lights go out and ask, "Y'all got electricity?"

These rolling blackouts across the state have been a nightmare for a lot of people.

It's so cold that Randall County Judge Christy Dyer has ordered the closing of county offices.

It's so cold that Starbucks is closed.

It's so cold that school was canceled. School hardly ever gets canceled.

It's so cold that Green Chile Willy's...well Green Chile Willy's does whatever the hell they want. On Facebook they said to bring a lantern; they can cook in the dark. Nothing can stop those folks.

It's so cold outside that 2021 feels a lot like 2020.

Be safe. Stay warm. Get those blankets and comforters out so you're ready if, and when, your lights go out.

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