UPDATE: There have been several more restaurants in the area make the choice to not open their dining rooms.

Back 40 Grill - Canyon

Macaroni Joes

La Fiesta Grande

Yellow City Street Food

Original Post:

It's a tricky spot that we're in. We're being told that the city is slowly going to be "reopening," yet in the news we are bombarded by headlines saying that Amarillo's numbers are still on the rise.

As a business owner, what do you do?

Despite the go-ahead from the Governor and the Mayor, there are some restaurants in Amarillo that will not be reopening their dining areas.

Lazy Gator and Palio's will not be reopening their dining rooms. They will continue doing curbside service.

Fire Slice Pizza will also be keeping their dining area closed for the time being. You can still get your order via delivery, take out, or curbside.

Grills Gon' Wild joins the list of restaurants not reopening their dining area. They will, however, continue offering free delivery and curbside service.

806 Coffee + Lounge will also be keeping their doors closed. They will be offering patio pick-up days.

Palace Coffee Company is also going to be keeping their dining area closed, while still allowing for delivery and take out orders. You can watch this video they posted for details.

575 Pizza also announced today that they will not be reopening their dining area on Friday.

I appreciate these businesses for making a tough decision that they believe is the right one. I can't imagine being in the shoes of a small business owner right now, weighing the decision to reopen. On one hand, you need those doors open and the money coming in.

On the other hand, you don't want customers or employees getting sick.

Keep supporting local businesses. I've been placing orders when I can. I've even done some curbside shopping.

Hopefully soon, things will be closer to how they were before COVID-19. Until then, I appreciate these businesses, and others like them, who are doing what they feel is right for their community.

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