Call it childish. Call it juvenile. Call it whatever you want.

I'm a collector. Always have been, probably always will be.

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It all started with baseball cards back in my youth. Going into sports card shops, looking through the glass cases of star cards, ripping open packs to find my favorite players.

35 years later, I'm still obsessed. Honestly probably even more so now that I have my own money to spend on them and not just a few bucks allowance. I always collected everything of my favorite player, from cards to figurines, to magazines with him on the cover. You name it, I collected it...and still have some of it on display in my office or at home.

Then came along the latest craze, Funko Pop figures. I'd seen them around and knew there was a big craze going on about them. I just didn't understand it personally. So many random figurines. Then recently I discovered they had a whole array of musical stars. There's my other passion with sports.

A friend of mine sent me a text with a picture attached. It was Chilli from the R&B group TLC. Super popular in the 90s and I grew up on their music. NOW I had to get the whole set. I discovered there were even more groups and artists I grew up with that had their own figurine. Remember, they didn't make many collectible items like this back in the day for music. This was a whole new world to me.

Now I'm obsessed with finding the ones of all the artists I grew up with, and still listen to. I'm in trouble. Sports cards and Funko Pop figures. Where though do I find all this?

Amarillo feels like it's lacking in that department. I know of two places here in Amarillo, and only one that I've actually been to. S&S Sports Cards on Washington is a place I've gone into a couple of times to peruse the selection. It's a fine shop, but coming from the local card shop I went to (constantly) in Austin, it's lacking a bit for me. That's not a knock on S&S, I have every intention of going back in over and over again. My shop in Austin was massive with a crazy selection of stuff, that's all I'm saying. I miss it.

When it comes to finding these Funko Pop figures though, I haven't searched outside of Target and Walmart. I know there's a collectibles shop right across the street from Target, but the name of it eludes me at the moment, and I'm not even sure they have the figures inside. I should probably go look.

Point being, those can't possibly be the only two places to go right? Point me in the direction of where I can spend a little time (and money) to keep growing the collections!

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