Consider the night we spent at Bubba's 33 to be opening night of the season. Stein hoisting is back in Amarillo, and there are several chances for you to win prizes and bragging rights!

Tomorrow Budweiser will be hosting another stein hoisting event at Texas Roadhouse on I-40 and Georgia.

Budweiser Distributing of Amarillo
Budweiser Distributing of Amarillo

We don't really need to discuss how I went out early in the first competition of Stein Hoisting season. We don't need to revisit all of the smack-talk that was going on.

What we do need to revisit is how much fun the event was. I was surprised at just how much fun I had.

Everyone was cheering and laughing. The whole place came alive with revelry as people gathered around the large stein-filled table to cheer their friends on to victory.

If you're looking for a little bit of fun to break-up the drudgery of the week, come hang out with Budweiser and me at Texas Roadhouse for another round of stein hoisting!

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