Once again, I had to learn the hard way. Once again, what looked like a piece of cake actually wasn't. I wasn't the first one out. So I have that to be proud of.

Last night at Bubba's 33 in Amarillo, I participated in my first stein hoisting competition.

The rules are pretty simple. Hold the stein in front of yourself creating a 90 degree angle. Whoever does it the longest wins.

Congrats to the winner. They went somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 minutes. I lasted right at two.

There are going to be several more stein hoisting competitions coming up all around Amarillo. We will be sure to let you know when and where so that you can jump in on the fun.

A big thank you to Bubba's 33 for the hospitality and to Budweiser for making it a blast to be a part of. And it wasn't all bad for me. As I took my walk of shame away from the table, they did hook me up with a beer. So there's that.

Time for me to get back to training. I have my shattered pride to avenge.

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