Stuffing is as much a Thanksgiving staple as turkey. I honestly don't know anyone who puts the stuffing in the bird anymore.

This year, if you still do, don't put it in your bird and try one of these instead.



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    No joke. Apples have been a go-to in my family for a while. Also popular are oranges, lemons, even grapefruit. It keeps the meat moist and gives it a nice flavor.

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    Herbs And Spices

    Just grab a handful of green leafy stuff and shove it inside the bird along with your spices. It will make sure the whole bird has the flavor you're aiming for. A part of me wonders if this was inspired by the Colonel and what he did to his chickens.

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    Grab a can of your favorite brew and do your turkey the same way you would do beer-can chicken.

    It should go without saying, this works on smaller turkeys better than the big birds. A mini-keg might work.

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    Videos have been surfacing online of people shoving blocks of cheese into their birds. That's the same Internet that convinced us to eat Tide Pods. I'll let you decide on whether or not you should shove a brick of Velveeta into your turkey.

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    Smaller Birds on the Food Chain

    Turduckens are real. So real, that spell check doesn't even flag the word "turducken" anymore. Open your turkey's cavern wide enough to fit a duck, then pry open that duck enough to fit a chicken.

    That's the most R rated thing I've ever typed.

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