A recent study done by LawnStarter sought to breakdown which states were the most dangerous, and then went one step further to determine which cities were the most dangerous.

A more optimistic way to look at it would be which are "not as safe."

LawnStarter on their website say that they developed the rankings by taking "... the latest FBI data, weighted it by the amount of time prisoners serve for each crime, to come up with a “Danger index” for each state."

According to their index, we're the 5th most dangerous city in Texas. We were higher up on that list than Dallas.

The most dangerous city, according to this study, was Lubbock. Houston was next, followed by Texarkana, Beaumont, and then Amarillo.

The least dangerous city according to the study was Hutto, Tx. They have a population of 14,698 people according to the Wikipedia page that cites the 2010 census.

The issue of crime in Amarillo is a tough one. People on one side say it's not that bad. You have crime everywhere.

Other people say it's out of control. Surely the truth is somewhere in the middle.

I just moved from a neighborhood that seemed to be getting worse. Where I live now, it's quiet as can be.

I just had to leave city limits to get that peace and quiet.

Our city isn't a bad one, and I don't spend my days feeling like we're in danger. The study was an interesting one to look at because it made me ask myself if I do feel safe in Amarillo. For the most part, I do.


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