Summertime in Amarillo comes with so many different things. All the kids are out of school, some are trying to just kill the days away while the older ones, and even some younger ones, are looking for was to make a little money.

Once the kids go back to school, some don't have the ability to work due to school schedules, whether academically or athletically, so they utilize the summer to make as much money as they can. Some are saving up for college, while others are just looking for some money to go have fun with.

I see posts all the time about this time of year with kids looking for jobs that pay a fair amount for the work they do, not someone who wants to try and get away with just minimum age for the seasonal work they'll put in.

There are plenty of places teens can go and work at here in Amarillo, and a lot of them will pay anywhere between $12-20 per hour depending on the place. Now, it's been awhile since I've had to look for a summer gig, and my kids are too young to hold one down themselves.

From what I've seen though, there are a lot of places that are looking for people to come work for them, and the wages they pay are respectable. I've seen numerous people say Walmart will pay $14 per hour for entry level positions, which is pretty good for a teenager.

We have several movie theatres you can go and work at, and should pay around $10-15 per hour. Not to mention, you get free movies when you work there, so you and your friends can catch some flicks, and you'll be able to save a little money doing so.

If you're looking to get a little sun this summer, you can always look into one of the many car wash places we have in town. They'll pay anywhere between $12-15 per hour, plus you can get tips at some places depending on what you do.

We have plenty of coffee shops and tea stores you can work at as well. Rumor has it Water Still pays around $15 per hour. Coffee shops in Amarillo are plentiful, and you're going to see a fair share of tips at those places as well.

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