Summer is a great time to try to stay cool. You can head to a city pool. You can put out the sprinklers. Water play is a lot of fun and the kids love it. Splashing around in the pool can be a fun way to spend your summer.

Maybe you even got your family a pool in the backyard. Even better. Your kids need to learn how to swim. Even if they don't want to be a competitive swimmer they need to learn how to do basic strokes. They need to learn how to tread water.

I remember the first time I ever headed to a city pool in Chicago I learned how important this was. I was standing at the locker room door waiting for them to open the doors for free swim. I heard all the other kids talking about jumping in the deep end. That was the first thing they were going to do.

I thought to myself I was going to do that too. Never mind I had no idea how to swim. This still seemed like a great idea for this young six or seven-year-old kid. Why not? What could happen? I found out pretty fast.

Of course, the lifeguard had to pull me out of the pool. He had to save me. So I went right home and told my mom I had to learn how to swim. When Faith was born that was one of the first things I did for her too. I made sure she knew how to swim. I know she will do the same for Laila.

Swimming is not only fun but you need to know how to swim; It's just the smart thing to do. The safe thing to do.

So Where Can You Sign Your Kids Up For Swim Lessons?

  • Waterscape - They do swim lessons year-round. They have private lessons. They even offer a crash course to get them ready in two weeks. Check out their classes HERE. 
  • Amarillo Town Club - They offer swim lessons year-round too. You can introduce your young children to the water so they feel comfortable. They have lessons to help them learn to swim. You can take private classes as well. Check out the details HERE.
  • City of Amarillo - They are offering both spring and summer classes for the kids at their city pools. Check out the information HERE.
  • Canyon Aqua Park (The CAP) - Now is the time to sign up at The Cap. They offer discounts for siblings. The lessons start in June. Check out the information HERE.

Swimming is one of those things that everyone should now how to do. It's one of those rites of passage. Making sure you get your child in lessons will guarantee you will never have your child come home from free swim with a lifeguard having to save them story. Isn't that what it's all about?

Cool Off This Summer at Amarillo Pools and Splash Pads

Cool Off This Summer at Amarillo Pools and Splash Pads

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