If you have lived here for any amount of time you will be amazed at how much Amarillo has changed. I remember when Soncy didn't have much going on, at all. Now they have so many places to eat at, shop at, and spend time.

Our landscape has changed a lot. I decided to spend some time on Google Maps and reminice about all the places we had on Western Street. Of course finding stuff earlier than 2008 on their is not possible. So there are stuff I remember that I couldn't prove.

There was a mall there. Our 2nd mall, Western Plaza was there. Part of it ended up turning into a club. Yes, a club, Graham's Central Station. We had SRO on that property too for those of us that really have been here a bit.

There was a radio station on Western Street when I was growing up. You could drive by and the deejay on the air overlooked Western Street and could talk about what they saw driving by. Oh and they did.

Western Street has seen a lot of changes even in the past fifteen years. Many empty spaces have seen places added. Some businesses got face-lifts. Western Street has seen it all.

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Take a drive down Western street sometime and tell me what you see. What you notice that has changed. It's amazing to see the stores that were there and now are gone. Some just were lucky enough to get a face-lift.

I know a lot of people miss the Long John Silver's on Western, heck on almost any street. I think I miss Payless Shoes Source the most. I would pick up my daughter from daycare right around the corner at Dandi Play School and take her to get new shoes when needed. If the process went smooth, or actually as a bribe, we would head to the McDonald's right there too for a Happy Meal.

Western has seen a lot of changes.

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