Halloween is around the corner, and every year studies come out telling us what the most popular candy is in our state, so you don't mess up and end up being the house to avoid.

This year, according to the website bid-on-equipment.com, the most popular candy in the state of Texas is M&M's.

The study even breaks down the most popular candy in major cities nation-wide. For Houston, Milk Duds are the confection of choice. San Antonio prefers M&M's, Dallas goes for Snickers, and Austin is all about Reese's.

Most of our neighboring states go for Reese's. Well, except for Colorado. Colorado went overwhelmingly in favor of Nerds. Oklahoma chose Hot Tamales, and Louisiana is reaching for the Air Heads.

Credit: Bid-On-Equipment
Credit: Bid-On-Equipment

Personally, I'm raiding my kids' stash for the Reese's peanut butter cups. I'll leave the M&M's for them.

The study also breaks down what the best time, on average, is for trick-or-treating; and it even finds the average age when kids have "aged out" of trick-or-treating.

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