Don't miss out on this historical event.  A chance to celebrate Route 66 this weekend.

The Texas Route 66 Festival also known at the International Festival takes place in Shamrock this year.  Each year a different city along Route 66 is chosen to host the festival and this year it's Shamrock.  Let's face it Shamrock does know how to throw a party, they do every year for St. Patrick's Day.

The Texas Welcomes the World festival kicks off on Thursday, July 12th and will last through Sunday, July 15th.  Route 66 lovers will come from all over the world to celebrate Route 66.

Here are just a few of the attraction on Route 66 Shamrock and the rest of the Texas Panhandle has to offer:

  • Shamrock is home to the U-Drop Inn, a beautiful classic gas station that
    was an inspiration for Ramone’s in the Disney movie CARS. The U-Drop
    is also home to Shamrock’s Visitor Center and Historic Route 66
  • McLean is home to the Devil’s Rope and Route 66 Museum as well as the
    first Phillips 66 station in Texas.
  • Alanreed is home to an unrestored, but iconic, Phillips 66 Super Station.
  • Groom is home to the leaning water tower as well as the Cross at Groom.
  • Amarillo is the largest Texas city on Historic Route 66 and features a
    mile-long district on Sixth between Georgia and Western Streets with lots
    of original architecture, new clubs and restaurants and great antique and
    gallery shopping. The Big Texan Steak Ranch on the east side of town and
    Cadillac Ranch just west of town.
  • Vega is home to the Milburn-Price Culture Museum while Adrian is the
    midpoint of Route 66. The Midpoint Café (open April-October) is a great
    stopping point for roadies.
  • Glen Rio is a real ghost town on the TX/NM border. It is exit 0 off
    Interstate 40 and features the remnant of a First Motel/Last Motel in Texas

Even thought the festival is in Shamrock, look for a ton of people to pop up here in Amarillo to check out all of our amazing things to see on Route 66.

For more information or for a full schedule of events, click the button below.

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