Texas has been all over national headlines due to a spike in Covid-19 cases in our state. The spike led to Governor Abbott closing bars across the state, reducing restaurant capacity, and recommending we all wear masks and stay home if possible.

The Amarillo Botanical Gardens posted to Facebook that despite all of this, they will be having live music this Thursday with Insufficient Funds.

Hats off to the Botanical Gardens. Not only are they going ahead with the scheduled performance, but they are taking steps to make sure everyone in attendance is safe.

They will be checking everyone's temperature before they are admitted entry. If you have a temp over 100, you will not be allowed to enter.

They're also encouraging the use of masks, but not requiring it.

The Botanical Gardens are also taking steps to help encourage social distancing. They will have seating in the amphitheater and in the wedding lawn.

If you do plan on going out to see the live music in the Gardens, be sure to check their Facebook page for updates. They will be posting food and drink information for the event soon.

Also, be nice. Your temperature is going to be checked. It's not a big deal. Hopefully they just use the "swipe the forehead method." I'm sure it won't be...invasive.

Don't gripe or complain about the temperature check, masks, or social distancing. The Botanical Gardens have found a way to still have an event for the community while adhering to the guidelines that have been established.

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