Amarillo brace yourself. We are just a few months into the year but it seems like there has been a lot going on already. We have had a lot of open doors when it comes to places to eat in Amarillo.

With that, it seems like the circle of life continues. Apparently when one door opens another one closes. I mean that is not how the saying goes but it is appropriate. It seems like the food court inside Westgate Mall has been the hardest hit so far. We have already lost three food places there.

I hope this does not continue to be the trend. I get it. Amarillo has a lot of places to eat but it seems like we also have a lot of people who go out to eat. You would think that there is enough to go around.

That may not be the case because we have had a lot of places close already in 2024 here in Amarillo. Of course, this list will continue to grow throughout the year.

Closed Restaurants of Amarillo 2024

An up-to-date list of restaurants we lost in Amarillo this year.

Gallery Credit: Melissa Bartlett/TSM

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