ICYMI: We went out on Lineman Appreciation Day to lay down some appreciation in the form of gift cards to some of our local linemen. While searching for guys in buckets near power lines, we stumbled across a hearse decorated with the Ghostbuster's logo, slime, and even Slimer chilling in the back window.

Fast forward and we were actually contacted via Facebook by the owner of the hearse. Bill Hughes gave us the story behind the Ghostbuster hearse you may see cruising the streets of Amarillo.

The hearse is a 1984 Cadillac Superior Crown Coach. A little digging online shows this to be pretty much the last year these were made, making our local Ghostbusting hearse a classic.

The hearse is named Anastasia, and according to the message left on our Facebook page, Hughes "got tired of everyone being afraid" when he would pull into a parking lot. So he added the Ghostbuster theme.

Bill has a website dedicated to the hearse and his photography at AmarilloHearse.Com. He is an avid photographer and has the hearse available for pretty much anything you can come up with. Weddings, birthdays, you name it.

A big thank you to Mr. Hughes for reaching out to us and giving us the story of Anastasia the "Ghostbusters" Hearse.

It's little things like this in Amarillo that really brighten my day.

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