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With all of the difficulties faced by artists last year, I decided to go check out ReverbNation to see who might be getting ready to be back out on the road. I also had to see who the top Rock bands are from the area.

In case you never checked out ReverbNation, it's one of the easiest ways to find out about local artists in all genres.

The top 5 for Rock, according to ReverbNation are:

1. SusPence

They show up at the top of the chart for Rock in Amarillo, but they hail from Pampa. It's the panhandle that binds us.

2. OddFellas

Another group from Pampa topping the Amarillo chart.

3. Bipolar Echo

That's one hell of a name. A quick check on social media, and it looks like they're still active.

4. Full Circle

I have no clue what to put here. The band is supposedly from Guymon. There are no videos. There's only one photo. The audio that is uploaded to their page...is a broken link(?). Still, congrats on getting number 4; I guess.

5. Ace E. Rodriguez

No videos to share, but Ace is active. In fact, he just had a show at Smokey Joes earlier this month.

I really wish I could have an old school public access TV show about local music. We could play the cheesy music videos (all music videos are cheesy btw), interview artists, and do in-studio performances.

Unfortunately, we don't have a public access TV channel in town. What a shame.

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