The NFL Draft is being done remotely this year due to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines. That means no running out on stage to get a jersey and pose for photos. No crowd. It's all being done pretty much the same way most of us are working.

With things being done remotely, that means there are some security concerns. In fact, pretty much any time that anyone is online, there's security concerns.

The group CRITICALSTART has put out a list of things the NFL can do to keep themselves secure, but I think these things are steps all of us could take.

Scrutinize Emails

Just today I got an email asking me to sign up to receive my stimulus check. One, the government isn't referring to it as a stimulus check. It's a "COVID-19 relief payment." Two, I use direct deposit for my tax returns. The government is using tax returns to get our payment to us, or you can go to the website. Not a big blue button in your email.

I say this to say you should be wary of emails you're getting. Scammers are out there looking for new and creative ways to separate you from your money.

Use Strong Passwords And Multifactor Authentication

This is another thing most us should be doing if we aren't. Make your passwords something no one could ever guess. There are tons of helpful guides to do this on the web. Also, set up multi-factor authentication when possible. For me, I have things that send me a text message with a code in it that I use after logging in to prove it's me.

Be Careful When Using Zoom

The security flaws in Zoom made international headlines recently when it was discovered that some users could be at risk. This is another instance where you need to keep things randomized, use strong passwords when possible, and try to set things up so that people can't randomly join your meeting.

Keep An Eye On Social Media

Scammers have been ramping up their efforts recently on social media. From hijacking accounts to ask for money from friends and family of the victim, to sending messages offering money for business services. Now would be a good time to reset passwords if you haven't in a while, and set up that multi-factor authentication we talked about.

Scrutinize All Communication

If you get a phone call from the IRS saying they will arrest you unless you pay them in Target gift cards, it's a scam. If you get a phone call saying you just won a trip to the Bahamas that you didn't sign up for, it's a scam.

Always be skeptical when on the phone with someone during an unsolicited call. If you want to check and make sure that the person is calling from the company they claim to be calling from, hang up and dial their number back to see what happens. Usually that will tip you off.

Sure, the NFL needs to be safe before the "remote Draft," but we all need to extra cautious right now as more and more scams begin appearing.

You can read more on the suggestions from CRITICALSTART by following this link.

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