I recently mentioned the Led Zeppelin Tribute Night that is coming in August to the Starlight Ranch. What I didn't mention, is that this is not the only night devoted to classic rock happening at the "the ranch" this summer.

If you are a fan of classic rock, Starlight Ranch has a few nights coming up you might want to make a trip for. Not only will there be a Led Zep tribute, but there will be two nights giving a nod to sounds that are bit more southern.

Coming up first will be the Creedance Clearwater Revival Night. The band that will performing is Bad Moon Rising, and they will playing all of CCR and John Fogerty's classics. Given the way things are between John and CCR, this is probably your best bet at ever seeing that CCR concert.

CCR Tribute night is June 23. More details are available on their Facebook page.

The next night at Starlight Ranch devoted to classic rock will be the Allman Brothers Tribute featuring Schroomville. Get more information at the event page on Facebook.

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