Reports came out earlier today that some users were having problems with Disney's new streaming service. For all of the hype, it looked like disaster was looming.

The problems seemed somewhat limited, as my wife called me around lunch time to tell me she was watching "Steamboat Willie" using our PS4.

I decided to try it out for myself and installed the app on my phone. Within no time I was streaming the first episode of The Simpsons.

Which leads me to why I'm not even mad about Disney's take over of my house. Two words; The Simpsons.


Sure having Marvel, Star Wars, and all things Disney at my fingertips is nice, but it is The Simpsons that made me a fan of the service. I freaking love The Simpsons.

There are thirty (30) seasons of The Simpsons waiting for you and I on Disney+. Every iconic moment in the history of the show is now in the palm of my hand.

Disney wasn't the only one with an announcement today. Netflix announced a new series based on Selena. Season one is set to have six one-hour episodes.

It's not enough to save my Netflix subscription.

I know that I am firmly in the minority living in Amarillo when it comes to Selena. I don't care. Her death was a tragedy, and she was incredible. I'm still not going to watch a series about her.

This is my problem with Netflix anymore. The originals are a total mixed bag. Some movies/series are fantastic. The others are painful duds, and there's not enough options surrounding those duds to keep my attention.

Today, my Netflix subscription died, and not even the Queen of Cumbia can save it.

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