Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm isn't going to let the winter weather stop them from having a good time. No, they will not be open this weekend. They will, however, be opening next weekend.

I know that a lot of people were hoping to get out this weekend. There was a lot planned. Part of that, for some, was visiting Maxwell's before they closed up for the season.

It's a tradition for most to make their way out to the Pumpkin Farm. My family and I have already made our annual pilgrimage.

Whenever we get heavy rains, or a lot of snow like we did yesterday, I wonder about Maxwell's. Sometimes they are forced to close because of the weather, or the affects of the weather.

Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm
Credit: Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm

Maxwell's will be extending their season this year, though. That means you have another chance to make it out to the Pumpkin Farm if you haven't yet.

They will be open next weekend, Nov. 1-3. That means an extra weekend of apple and pumpkin cannons, slides, massive corndogs, animals to feed, kettle corn, and duck races.

For more information, be sure to check out the Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm website, and if you haven't been yet; make good of your extra weekend.

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