Growing up, I loved Texas native Joe Bob Briggs. Sure, he's a character, but the man who plays him was born in the Lone Star State and it's also where Joe Bob got his start.

And now, Joe Bob is back. Actually, he's been back for a bit. He's been hosting 'The Last Drive-In' on the streaming service Shudder, which caters specifically to fans of horror.

That's what makes Shudder's seven day free trial so great, in my opinion. There's a lot of Joe Bob Briggs to binge in one week. That's seven days of "Drive-In Totals," and Lone Star Beer.

If you've never watched any of Joe Bob's shows, they're fantastic. Briggs brings tongue-in-cheek humor and his over-the-top redneck persona to film history, interviews, and trivia all while taking in the kinds of movies you'd expect to see at a late night double feature.

My favorite part growing up was the totals. Joe Bob breaks down everything in the featured film. He tallies nudity, dismemberments, fight scenes, car chases, gallons of blood, types of "fu" and notable performances before giving the film his official ranking.

The series on Shudder continues the tradition of having commercial breaks where Joe breaks in and gives his redneck insights and some history on the film.

When I found out that Joe Bob Briggs was back, I had to sign up for Shudder. It's pretty cheap, and I get to watch one of my favorites from my childhood live every Friday night. The guy that introduced me to Phantasm, Return of the Living Dead, and several other low budget cult classics is back and I don't want to miss it.

As Joe Bob says, "The drive-in will never die."

Thank God.

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