Punxsutawney Phil is a shoddy weatherman at best. This weekend proves that groundhogs have absolutely no bearing, what-so-ever, on the weather.

Earlier this month, Mr. Groundhog-weatherman predicted an early spring. He forgot to mention that winter isn't leaving without a fight.

Starting tonight, we have a chance for rain and maybe some thunderstorms across the area. Then things take a turn for the frigid.

It's what we all expect from the weather on the high plains.

According to our friends over at KAMR, we'll start with rain tonight. That will turn into thunderstorms for some. Then, tomorrow, that will turn into snow. Add to that potential snow wind gusts up to 60 mph at times, and it sounds like we're in for a rough start to the weekend.

For those of us "lucky" enough to see snow, accumulations are predicted between 1-3 inches.

By Sunday, it looks like we're heading back to spring time weather.

You can check out their entire forecast at MyHighPlains.com, and if you have to travel this weekend be sure to travel safe. Strong winds with the potential for snow could make that weekend road trip dicey for a bit.

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