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Today is National Mario Day. I know, it's news to me too.

Apparently someone looked at Mar10 and thought it looked a whole lot like the word Mario, so the good people at Nintendo decided to turn March 10 into National Mario Day back in 2016.

At least that's the way the legend goes.

Mario is one of the most easily recognized fictional characters ever. I remember growing up with our favorite plumber and his brother constantly being around the house.

I did some digging, and found out that Lit Arcade Bar downtown has a Donkey Kong machine. You could stop by for happy hour from 4 PM - 6 PM and get in some princess saving to celebrate.

Or if you're more into just sitting on the couch binge watching, you could throw on one of these.

There was the TV show Super Mario Brothers Super Show that ran from '89 until '91 starring Captain Lou Albano.

There was even that insanely awful movie starring Bob Hoskins, Dennis Hopper, and a young John Leguizamo.

Today is also National Landline Telephone Day. I was actually talking earlier today with someone about how much I miss the days when landline phones were all we had.

I miss the days of not feeling the pressure of responding to text messages, emails, and phone calls whenever I get one. It was nice being able to escape for a while.

I miss you landline phone.

Considering today is National Landline Day, along with National Mario Day, I think we should just name today "National I Lived Through The 80s Day."


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