According to a press release earlier today, Polk Street is going to be all lit up tonight. The new lights will shine bright on Polk between 7th and 8th streets.

The lights are new overhead lights strung above the street. The goal is to enhance the "night-time appearance" of this iconic area downtown.

Representatives of the City of Amarillo, Center City, and Downtown Amarillo Inc. will be gathered to flip the switch at 7 PM. Beth Duke states in the press release that the overhead lights will attract more downtown visitors.

“The festival lights are a great addition to our growing downtown dining and entertainment district,” said Beth Duke, executive director of Center City of Amarillo. “The canopy creates a party atmosphere that will attract more visitors to downtown.  When you see the lights, you know something fun is going on. Center City is grateful to the Downtown Amarillo Inc. board for their vision and investment in making our downtown more beautiful.”

Mayor Ginger Nelson is also a fan of the new overhead lights in the downtown area, according to the press release.

Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson says, “By listening to local business owners, a great idea became a reality that reminds us of our history.  Let’s keep doing projects that benefit Amarilloans and attract dollars to our dining and entertainment districts.”

While I personally can say that I am not entirely sure these lights are going to inspire me to travel to the downtown area more, I do expect they will be easy on the eyes and probably pretty to see.

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