In the spirit of rushing every single holiday. That is what we do. We never slow down. I don't really know if we even know how to do that. Since Halloween is over and we are in November you know Thanksgiving will be here before you know it; we need to make a plan.

Thanksgiving is that whirlwind day that starts the Christmas season off. We give thanks and then we hurriedly get out and start buying up everything for Christmas. It is such a hectic time. The rest of the year just flies by.

So some people decide to take it easy on Turkey Day. I totally understand that. Why have all the people over? Why have that mess at your house that you have to clean and then get decorated for Christmas?

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Why not let someone else deal with that? If you have not been invited over to someone else's house you need to get your plans together now for Thanksgiving. That is what a lot of us are doing. Planning.

I am not sure if I am going to Dallas. Maybe they are coming here. Are we going to pick up a pre-made meal and bring it home? Are we going to go out? The idea of letting someone else deal with it sounds dreamy.

Where Can You Go to Get a Thanksgiving Meal on Turkey Day?

  • The Big Texan - They serve their meals buffet style. You need to make a reservation but man an easy way to have your cake (or turkey) and eat it too.
  • Route 66 Family Buffet - I mean they took over the former Furr's location. Furr's was always a staple for Thanksgiving. I remember going there a time or two. Route 66 Family Buffet is here to take over that tradition. They will be open. They will be first come first served so get there early and enjoy the great food.
  • Cracker Barrel - You can order a pre-made meal or you can bring the family in for their Thanksgiving feast. Let them deal with your dysfunctional family.
  • Golden Corral - They will make sure you leave totally full after their Thanksgiving buffet.
  • Iron Skillet - Another Turkey Day all-you-can-eat goodness to leave you wanting a nap.
  • Denny's - You can always count on Denny's to be open. They will have your turkey hookup.
  • IHop - Another place you can always count on to be open. Let them clean up the mess after a turkey meal.

You can still have all the turkey you want. Have more than two rolls. You can load up on the mashed potatoes and gravy. Don't forget about the stuffing. Oh, and the pies. Can't skimp on the whipped cream.

You just won't have to worry about cooking or cleaning this Thanksgiving and that sounds heavenly.

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