Usually, we're talking about things being canceled, stores closing, events being postponed. At least we're getting some good news, and it's great news if you're a fan of pro wrestling.

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Recently we talked about how Top Of Texas Pro Wrestling would be leaving the Wrestleplex behind. On top of that announcement, they did tease that there would be a big announcement made this week.

That announcement finally came at 5 PM today. Top Of Texas has officially moved on from the Wrestleplex and will be located right across the highway from Wonderland Park.

Hopefully, this new location helps bring in another golden age of pro wrestling in Amarillo.

To celebrate, they will be having an open house on November 7. You can go check out the new facility and meet up with some of the wrestlers.

They're even going to have food there.

My kids are finally getting to the age where they are interested in wrestling. We've been watching old videos of some of my favorite matches from when I was younger and kept up with it.

Now that they're in their new location, and my kids are a little older, I may have to take the kids out and see what they think.

You can see the announcement and get all of the details by checking out the post made on Facebook earlier this evening.

Professional wrestling has a rich legacy in Amarillo. We've always been home to incredible talent. Hopefully, this is a sign that the legacy of pro wrestling will continue in Amarillo.

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