The construction woes never seem to end in Yellow City. While we all use the saying, "It will be so nice when it's finished," that doesn't help with today. I found myself having to take a trip down Western today.

Yes, it's still a nightmare.

45th And Western Is Still A Backed Up Pain

If you're in the vicinity of 45th and Western, you know of the headaches that come with trying to navigate that intersection. Traffic gets backed up as lanes are closed off.

I watched as several vehicles decided to navigate their way through various parking lots, trying to get around having to sit at the light.

Western And Canyon Drive

If you're thinking about taking Western to get on the highway, you'll want to be aware of the construction happening that area too.

Lanes are reduced and crews are working. So take it slow, and give them space.

It's Not All Bad News

You can see progress has been made in that area. What used to be only one lane going north and one lane going south, is now open to two lanes both ways.

The middle, turning lane is a different story. Still, progress has been made.

Hopefully this won't last much longer. On the street construction and maintenance program website, it's showing projects started in November of 2021.

I'm looking forward to the days when I can navigate Western without having to keep an eye out for lane closures.

You can use this link to keep track of different projects the city has going regarding street construction. On Western, it shows where some projects have been completed, where some are under construction, and where some are scheduled.

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