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Why do we give stuffed animals, namely teddy bears, for Valentine's Day? What do they have to do with romance?

Personally, I've never looked at a teddy bear and thought "romance" or "love." It's a toy. Why would I give an adult a child's toy to represent my affection for them? They have other stores and...things...for that.

Looking back at the history of the teddy bear, I discovered that they usually symbolize one of a few things.

First, they represent childlike innocence; being forever young, I suppose. Second, they can be used to mark a specific moment of importance.

The most interesting bit of info I found was that the color of a teddy bear actually means something. According to Zoofactory.com, the color red symbolizes love, passion, and desire.

Those are some intense words to describe the meaning of a teddy bear.

But it's not just bears. We now have stuffed everything, from elephants to ostriches. All claiming to be a perfect representation of love for Valentine's Day.

When typing the question into Google, I found two very opposite thoughts on the giving of a stuffed animal for Valentine's Day. One user said that the giving of a teddy bear is a person's way of showing romantic interest, and they want you to think of them every time you see it.

The other person said it just means that they couldn't think of anything else to get you.


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