Ok, I know politics is a shady place to be.

I mean, it's a dog eat dog world when you're running for office.

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There are low blows, dirt that's dug up from 20-30 years ago and the spin these politicians put on it can flat out ruin lives.

Wanna get into politics? Yeah, me either. With the way the race appears to be going for 181st District Judge, things are getting out of control.

Todd Hatter is a candidate for the seat, and he appears to be going to any length needed in order to get himself a win. All the way down to suspected vandalism.

There is a video that has surfaced of someone in a Hatter wrapped truck rolling up on some campaign signs. Seems innocent...until someone gets out of the car, grabs his opponents sign and flat out ditches it in a dumpster.

First off, these signs are expensive. Secondly, why would anyone stoop to THIS level to get the W? If you fight a hard enough campaign, the result could take care of itself. This right here isn't going to help you win...especially if you're breaking the law to become a district judge.

As you can see in the video, whoever this person was had absolutely no reservations about trashing the thing.

I went into the comments and started reading up on them. One thing that caught my eye is that Toot'n Totum supposedly gave the candidates permission to remove signs if they were in violation of their placement rules.

What's not clear to us is whether or not this particular sign was in violation of anything. Either way, shouldn't that be on the TnT to move the sign if it was violating their rules?

I can't speak on behalf of any of the candidates, I haven't done my homework on them yet. However, if these are the morals of the candidates, whether given permission to remove the signs or not, it doesn't bode well for me wanting to vote for them.

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