We keep looking and looking for more updates on the newest restaurant in Amarillo. I am talking about Volcano Korean BBQ. We have been looking forward to them since we first heard about them early last year.

Then we sat and waited. We waited some more. They recently came out on social media to let us know they were still coming. Then we waited some more. We knew they were working on stuff inside. They wanted their ventilation system to be perfect. The air purification system is going to be important.

With a place like this, we want that too. We will be able to cook our own food in front of us. This is going to be great. Also hearing that it will be an all-you-can-eat establishment definitely piqued my interest.

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This is going to be something new for us here in Amarillo. I loved cooking my own food when I would get the lamb appetizer at BL Bistro. So I am ready for something like this. So the wait has been excruciating.

They came back to social media to tease us again. Luckily though this news has given us something to rejoice after.

An opening date. It is coming. They already have a manager. It seems they have a staff already too. OK, this is closer than I thought when I came to work this morning. We are going to know soon. Really soon.

The wait seems to be almost over. We will officially know in a couple of days when we can try Korean BBQ. To be continued.....

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