If one retail giant has their way, you would be able to purchase TVs, underwear, toilet paper, guns, and liquor all in one place. Walmart may have an open door in Texas to sell liquor by the bottle.

Walmart has been challenging the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, who has been refusing Walmart's licenses for retail liquor sales. Walmart claims that the restrictions amount to unconstitutional discrimination. Some of the restrictions date back to the by-gone days of prohibition.

U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman issued a ruling on Tuesday, and that ruling went Walmart's way. The battle over the bottle, however, is far from over.

The Texas Package Stores Association has been reported as stating they are planning to appeal the decision and will continue to fight on the side of family-owned liquor store owners against large corporate entities.

According to the chief executive officer of the Texas Package Stores Association, the ruling that was passed down is a disappointing one, that overturns decades of Texas law that regulates liquor sales.


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