The smell of the fresh cut grass. The meticulously dragged dirt. Hot dogs and cold drinks.

Ahhhhh yes, baseball season is right around the corner in the Panhandle.

While Major League Baseball may be on a lockout still, it doesn't apply to Minor League Baseball...and that means our beloved Soddies will be back in action before you know it!

One of the most anticipated things released all year is the promotional schedule for the games. What are the giveaways and special deals? Well, today they've dropped it on us and I just had to share it with you.

So pull out your calendars and start marking them up! Here's everything you need to know for this season.

The Friday fireworks are back with 19 scheduled fireworks shows, the first one being April 8th. There will be 3 straight nights of fireworks wrapped around the Soddies July 1-3 homestand.

This season will feature TWO Bark in the Park nights where you can bring your furry friend to the games. Sorry other animals, this one is only for the dogs.

There are a myriad of theme nights planned as well, from Cinco De Mayo celebrations to Marvel Superhero nights.

$2 Tuesdays are back for 11 total dates. There will be a limited amount of $2 tickets available for these games, so you'll have to act quick to take advantage of those. Weiner Wednesday is around for 11 dates as well where you can snag hot dogs for $1 a piece. My personal favorite, Thirsty Thursday returns to the calendar where you can take advantage of discounted beers and soft drinks. The Hometown Heroes program will offer 50% off tickets for Military and First Responders with a total of 12 dates to take advantage of.

Below is the full giveaway schedule for the 2022 season. I see a few I'm gonna have to fight you for:

April 8-10: Magnet Schedule
April 10: Clear Plastic Bag
April 24: slAMArillo T-Shirt
June 2: Sod Poodles Socks
June 4: Hawaiian Shirt
June 5: Golf Visor
June 12: Beach Towel
July 17: Replica Jersey
July 28: Beer Stein
July 31: Bucket Hat
August 14: COPA RUCKUS Bobblehead
September 4: Stone Garrett Bobblehead
September 11: No-Hitter Bobblehead

And now for all the different theme nights:

April 19 & May 17: S.T.E.A.M Day / Business Hooky
April 23: ZOOperstars!
May 5: Cinco De Mayo Celebration
May 7: Diamond Dig
May 21: Cowboys and Princess Night
June 8 & August 10: Bark In The Park
June 11: Marvel Super Hero Night
July 1-2: Independence Weekend Celebration
July 16: Christmas In July
July 30: Marvel’s Defenders of The Diamond
August 13: World Of Wizards Night
September 10: SkyFest

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