Did you know that COPS is still on TV? That is the conversation we had earlier today. I really thought it ended a long time ago. Apparently not. I remember watching it back in the nineties.

I know it always started off with "Bad Boys" by Inner Circle. Oh yes, the theme song. That was the sound you heard that got you on the way to watching some trashy tv. I mean the cops are chasing people. The cops are going door-to-door looking for someone. They are breaking up domestic disputes.

Just so much glorious action in one episode. Really? Why did I stop watching this? It has been on the air since 1989. That is thirty-four years of material that the bad boys around the country have sacrificed for us.

They really put their heart and soul into their crimes. Not always their brains that is for sure. But that is what makes it so gosh darn entertaining.

We can't have a show like this and not think that Amarillo would have a chance to shine. Of course, we have been featured on the show several times. Heck, it's even more entertaining if you can recognize someone in the episode.

Luckily for me, I have only known the officers. I promise. But it's still a good time. Amarillo you do not disappoint.

So now that I have researched and I know the show is still on I may have to tune in again. It has been years if not decades since I last tuned in. I just hope to not ever recognize someone on the wrong side of the law.

I am good with being the boring person here. I will just keep my drama on TV.

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