Tonight we are going to be at Teddy Jack's in Amarillo for another round of Stein Hoisting with Budweiser! My arm is starting to get tired.

Registration starts tonight at 6 pm, the first hoist is at 7 pm.

In theory, it isn't THAT difficult. You hold the beer stein in front of you creating a 90-degree angle.

If you bend your elbow or spill any of the liquid in the stein, you're out. Last man, or woman, standing wins.

I haven't been able to break the 2 minute and 15-second barrier. At the last event, the reigning champ went over 5 minutes...while drinking a beer with his non-hoisting hand.

There is only one other event we will be at after this one. It is Thursday (10/18) at MJ's Saloon.

Make plans to join us tonight or Thursday for a good time. Who knows, you might win and take home some pretty nice prizes.

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