I have been a Mimi, or a grandmother, for almost two years now. I prefer the term Mimi because heck I am not old enough to be the other. I have raised my daughter and it has been many years since I have had a baby in my house.

There have been some things that have not changed. They still need to eat. They still cry. They still have diapers that need to be changed. Technology has made parts of being a mom easier.

My daughter got this cool Owlet device. It actually monitors the baby while she sleeps. You would get an alert if she stopped breathing. So it's like a new mom never has to sneak in late at night to make sure she is breathing. Such a great way to make a mom feel at ease and sleep better. That was probably the best investment to keep a new mom sane.

Then I heard this new term as my granddaughter got older. A Montessori bed. What in the heck is that? My daughter started telling me about one because it would probably be the best idea for her move from Amarillo to Dallas.

Moving into a two-bedroom with a friend. So space is important. A Montessori bed is good for her baby and great with the space. So I looked up what it actually was.

A Montessori floor bed offers a safe space where your child can sleep, play and learn on the same level as the rest of the living space as opposed to a regular infant crib, which does not allow enough room for toddlers to crawl around and explore their new world.

So she could leave her crib at my house. She could bring the playpen that she had and use it for her sleep area and also a play area when needed. It is perfectly set up in my daughter's room.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

This is a perfect way for my granddaughter to sleep while my daughter still has plenty of room in her new apartment. This can double as a sleeping area and when emptied out a great play area. See some changes are really good. I think I will like this new sleeping arrangement. I know my granddaughter does.

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