Amarillo is well known for the number of parks it has in the city. It's something that we all have a tendency to get out and enjoy during the warmer parts of the year, and these parks aren't just small areas with a playground.

Three parks come to mind for their sheer size and the number of things you can do at them. John Stiff is expansive with a TON of open room, has the softball/baseball complex there, as well as the skate park. Medi Park comes complete with a splash pad and lake to fish in. Then there's Thompson Park which has everything you could possibly want in a park.

Did you know however that a while back, there was talk of another potential expansive park in Amarillo?

There had been a lot of chatter about turning T-Anchor Lake into an expansive park, and it would've been a great spot for another epic Amarillo park. So what happened to that idea?

A user on Reddit broke down the history of that land beautifully for us to help us understand why the park concept never came to fruition.

Reddit screenshot
Reddit screenshot

I'd say that's a pretty expansive breakdown of that land. I had no idea the city initially had planned to put the zoo there. I think that could've been a perfect spot for it.

It appears that once the zoo idea went by the wayside, there WAS talk in 2006 to make it a park, but the conversation seemed to have died out and it just became a bunch of land that was owned by the city.

In 2016, the Amarillo Dive Team recovered the body of a child from the lake there behind the La Kiva Hotel.

Since then, the area has been pretty much unmaintained and from what I know, has become an area where some of Amarillo's homeless population congregates and stays.

Is it too late to take that land and turn it into something? Or is the T-Anchor Lake area destined to just be a random area of land that ends up serving no purpose? Only time will tell.

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