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I asked on Facebook yesterday what we should name the "new moon" since The Moon is already taken.

You did not disappoint.


Accurate. To the point. Not only is it the name of one of my favorite protagonists from children's literature, but it is appropriate because the new moon is a mini-moon.


As the saying goes, "If it ain't broke don't fix it; just turn it backwards." Or as Talking Heads put it so eloquently, "Same as it ever was."

Moon Dos

Only if I get to call it Tele-Moon-Dos. Sorry. That's my bad pun for the day.


I honestly like this one. Imagine standing across from the one you love, in a lover's embrace, and someone says "You look so beautiful in Jr.'s light tonight." It's damn near Shakespearean.


I didn't think this one went far enough. Playing on the old myth that the moon was made of cheese, I suggest we give the new moon a rap name. I present to you Lil Cheesy.

New Moon On A Monday

This sounds like one of those hippy names kids are given by their hip white-collar suburban parents. At least Duran Duran would play the naming ceremony...maybe.

Moon II

The sequel. Keep it simple.

Moon 2.0

The upgrade. This one comes with micro-transactions and loot boxes.

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