Amarillo's Craft Beer & Bacon Fest is this Saturday (10/12/19) at the Amarillo Netplex. Here is what you can expect to be waiting for you at the door.


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    A Line

    More than likely, there will be a line. So, be ready to wait. We will be doing our best to make the line moves as fast as possible. This is also a good reason to get to the event early. It starts at 4pm (3pm if you're VIP), so plan accordingly to avoid waiting a while.

    To help ease the pain of waiting in line, there will be games played that let you win prizes. So, it's not all bad.

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    Todd Wienecke

    Yeah. Todd is going to be there. Just don't make direct eye contact and you should be okay.

    Plus, there is the possibility of playing some games to win prizes while you wait.

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    ID Checks

    Have your ID out and ready when you're in line. This is what helps make the line move fast the most. EVERYONE will be asked to show ID.

    The event is 21+. No exceptions.

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    Ticket Check/Purchase

    If you already have your ticket, you will need to have it out. That can be a copy on your phone, or on paper.

    If you are wanting to purchase a ticket, that will be the next stop for you. Credit Cards and cash are both accepted.

    If you are wanting to purchase your ticket online, you can at

    Once that's over with, you're almost ready to enjoy all that Beer & Bacon Fest has to offer.

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    Tasting Glasses and Goodie Bags

    Once you have your wristband showing that you've paid and had your ID checked, you'll be handed a goodie bag and an Attorney Dean Boyd souvenir tasting glass. At that point, you are free to let loose and have a good time. Sample all you want. Eat all you can. Mingle and enjoy yourself.

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