This sounds to me like how a horror movie would start. You are stuck in a small town and there is nowhere to go to get your favorite summer snack. Except this is a reality in Canyon this summer.

Canyon is not really a small town. They have a lot of great places to eat. They have a United and they have a Walmart. What they don't have as of this weekend? A place to get a frosty.

Which is a nightmare. Really it is. I grew up in Canyon and losing any of our places hits a nerve. I mean we won't be able to buy fries and frosty's. That is like the perfect summer combination. Don't tell me you never dipped your fries in a frosty. If you haven't you are missing out.

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If you live in Canyon you may have noticed that the Wendy's closed on Sunday. They will be open again. Probably not until at least September. So that means no frosty's at all this summer. Don't count on Wendy's being your go-to spot when you drive down to Canyon for the 4th of July parade.

You will not be Kickin it in Canyon this July 4th with a frosty. That is for sure. Yes, when they get the remodel done they will be better than ever. Just like the other locations in Amarillo that have already gone through the change.

If you want this summer favorite you will have to take the short drive to the next closest one on Hollywood Road. So if you want to Kick it in Canyon this summer with a frosty or any of your other favorites from Wendy's you will have to stop on the way into town.

There will not be another Wendy's in Canyon until this location on 23rd is open after the remodel. This may be a long summer. At least for me, it would be.

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