With any kind of "day" being in the middle of the week, it's tough to celebrate. For most of us our weekdays are hectic between kids and work, so celebrating anything on a Wednesday is tough. The good news is that there is always the weekend.

Today is Earth Day. If you aren't familiar with Earth Day, it started in 1970 to bring awareness to the state of the planet and what we could do to take better care of it.

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If you aren't able to get a tree planted or take care of the recycling today, there are some events that you take part of this weekend that will get you and the family out of the house.

One of them is at Wildcat Bluff Nature Center.

If you've never been out to Wildcat Bluff Nature Center, this weekend they are having an Earth Day party. It kicks off at 1 PM, and ends at 4 PM.

You can find out more by clicking on this link and keeping Wildcat Bluff on social media.

On their Facebook page, Wildcat Bluff Nature Center mentions that there will be food, music, and there will be hands-on fun.

If the weather holds out this weekend, and I think the last time the forecast change they said it was supposed to be sort of nice, this would be a great way to get out of the house and have some fun with family for a few hours.

If you want to see some photos of Wildcat Bluff Nature Center, or have questions, you can check out their website here.

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