The one thing we can say about Amarillo is that we have plenty of places to eat. It doesn't matter what kind of food you want we have you covered. Amarillo has changed over the years and we have gained new and different places to eat.

When you go out to eat you want to make sure your money is well spent. You want to go somewhere that you can trust to have a clean restaurant. You want it to be a great experience. Living in Amarillo we count on the health inspectors doing their job. Oh, and they do.

All my years working at a restaurant we know the fear when we hear that a health inspector is walking through the doors. Even though we always knew we kept the place in tip-top shape there is still that fear.

We know that they do a great job making sure when we are visiting a restaurant it is going to be safe to eat in. The food will be kept safe. The staff has their food handling certification.

The food will not get you sick. It has been stored and handled correctly. There is so much that goes into passing inspection. Oh, but when a restaurant passes with flying colors we have even more confidence going out to eat.

Restaurants That Won't Kill You (According to Their Recent Health Inspection)

Looking at the most recent list of restaurants that were inspected here are some of the best scores:

  • El Giro - 1800 Bell Street, Score A/96
  • Taco Garcia - 1100 Ross Street, Score A/99
  • Denny's - 1710 E I40, Score A/99
  • Taco Bell - 2100 Ross-Osage, Score A/100
  • Pizza Hut - 6019 S Coulter, Score A/95
  • Nine Line BBQ, 5920 Hillside Road, Score A/94
  • Roll Em Up Taquitos - 5900 SW 45th Avenue, Score A/95
  • Desperados - 500 N Tyler, Score A/100
  • Home Plate Diner - 5600 Bell Street, Score A/100
  • El Tejavan- 3801 E I40, Score A/100
  • Thai Spoon- 500 N Filmore, Score A/97
  • Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins - 2823 S Western, Score A/93
  • Dominos - 2604 Wolflin Ave, Score A/100

A great health inspection is a great indicator of how safe a restaurant is to eat. You can even keep an eye on the ratings yourself. Check the scores out HERE. 

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