So when I lived in Austin, one of the things I loved was sitting down in that chair while the barber sharpened his blade.

The thought of that hot lather on my head and face was something that instantly relaxed me.

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Fast forward to moving to Amarillo. I haven't been able to find a shop that actually offers that true straight edge experience. Where have the true barbers gone?

I was having a conversation with someone here in the office about it. He said he's been to several barbers in the area who he's either heard offered it, or the shop itself said they offered it. He'd go in, sit down in the chair then find out it wasn't actually an option.

Is this becoming a lost art in the area? People used to spend entire days in the barber shop just chatting and playing games. It was a social connection for many people...and they all offered up that straight edge razor.

Look, I'm not knocking any shops in the area. In fact, quite the opposite. I'm just wondering if there's anyone left in the area that can take that blade to my head and face and make it as smooth as a baby's bottom. You know, the thing even the best store bought razors can't do.

I mean, I could buy my own straight edge and do it myself...but that wouldn't end well. I don't trust myself with a blade. I'll leave that to the experts while I just sit back and relax.

So come on out you straight edge barbers, myself and a few others are looking for you!

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