One thing we have in Amarillo, TX. are a lot of big corporations. Some of them you've heard of, some of them you haven't. It seems though that when you ask someone where they work, they have a tendency to say the same place.

There's one that particularly comes to mind when we talk about places that employ a lot of people, and that's Pantex. I swear, one in every three people I've met here has said they work there in some capacity.

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Well I'm here to blow your mind with this one, because Pantex doesn't employ the most people in Amarillo. In fact, it's not even in the top five if you can believe it. Companies such as Children's Home Healthcare, Valic, and Affiliated Foods all employ more people here than Pantex.

So if Pantex isn't in the top five, and a company like Affiliated Foods doesn't employ the most residents of Amarillo, who is hiring and employing the most? The answer won't be so surprising once you see it.

BSA Health System is our grand champion of employing people. It's not just the hospital we're talking about here. Remember, BSA has offices all around Amarillo, so there are a ton of jobs that need to be filled.

How many you ask? At last count, they employed 2,282 people in Amarillo. That's a little bit over 1% of the population in the city, and while I recognize that number seems like it's small and insignificant, it's not.

Population accounts for children as well, so the percentage it employs as far as working aged adults jumps a significant amount when you take the children out of the total population number. So, moral of the story is if you need a job, BSA is likely to have something available. Just make sure you're qualified for what you apply for.

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