One thing we for sure knew last week was that Texas was going to have a team in the World Series. The biggest games in baseball and Texas was going to have a horse in the race.

Now we didn't know then whether it was going to be the Texas Rangers or the Houston Astros. That was going to take seven games to decide. It was finalized last night with a slugfest in Houston. The Rangers walked away with the pennant and the chance to represent Texas in the World Series starting Friday.

Now we don't know who they will be facing yet. The National League is also going to a game seven. So exciting baseball for sure. I just know that Amarillo should be rooting for Arizona.

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Amarillo should want to see the Diamondbacks. One reason is they have not won a World Series since 2001. The Rangers have not been to the series since 2011. That crushing year that they were not once, but twice, down to one strike to winning it all. They never did. They never have. So a victory would be nice.

If Arizona gets the nod in the World Series we will see some familiar faces in the biggest games of the year. Why is that? Well, don't forget the Arizona Diamondbacks connection to Amarillo.

Our Sod Poodles. Yes, our AA Team here in Amarillo is affiliated with Arizona. So it is not unusual to go to a game in Arizona and hear them talking about Amarillo. In fact, my mom, who lives there witnessed that.

She went to a Diamondbacks game late in the season and the crowd around her was talking about Hodgetown. So she got to tell them that she went to a game here in Amarillo.

We will find out tonight who the Rangers will be facing. If the Phillies win we will all band together to root for our Texas team. If the Diamondbacks win at least Amarillo will come out with a winner either way.

Baseball, what a game.

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