When the COVID pandemic hit, it completely changed the way the world operated. Three years later, we're still seeing some of those changes in effect, and one of them has significantly impacted Amarillo, TX.

The work-from-home piece of the pandemic proved fruitful in so many ways, not only for people that got the chance to work from home, but for employers as well. There was more productivity from the majority of employees who worked from home, and businesses realized they didn't need as much office space as they initially had.

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That allowed companies to downsize their buildings into smaller spaces, while more people were able to escape high cost of living areas they were previously living in. So how has this affected Amarillo?

More people moved into the city due to its lower cost of living, therefore bringing more money into the businesses here and allowing the city to grow in a way it hadn't before. So where are people moving here from? I can tell you this up front, the top five are ALL from Texas, even though there are places from Texas people have moved here from.

Here are the top five places people abandoned to come to Amarillo.


Amarillo was the 21st most common destination for people moving from the San Antonio area, but it was ranked fifth in number of people that started a new job in Amarillo with 101 jobs. The cost of living in San Antonio isn't actually too bad for how big the city is, but Amarillo still comes in far cheaper.


While we were the 36th most common destination for people from Houston to come to, it brought us 171 people that started a new job here in Amarillo. Houston IS a bit more expensive to live in, so if they were making the same salary here as they were in Houston, their money went a lot further.


This one makes a whole lot of sense. I mean, we're only separated by about an hour and a half drive, and we are cheaper than Lubbock. Amarillo was the fourth most common destination for people moving from Lubbock, and they brought 367 people who started a new job here in the 806.


I don't think there's anyone who thinks the Dallas area is a cheap place to live. 485 people agreed with that sentiment to start new jobs here in Amarillo. It was the 25th most common place for people from Dallas to move to.


That leaves pretty much all the cities that aren't considered a major one in Texas. I know Austin isn't on this list, they checked in at number six. This includes basically every other city in Texas and it brought 634 people starting a new job here, good for the 9th most common destination.

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